Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Say it Loud! Say it Proud!

Givenchy!  We are use to seeing the great iconic Chanel bracelets and belts that either spell out CHANEL or simply state, CC,  but are not use to seeing the great name of Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy boldly branded on a piece of jewelry.   But here it is in all its big, gold, glamorous Givenchy-ness.  So say it loud and say it proud with a Givenchy logo bracelet.  Wait, can I say Givenchy one more time?!  Just click your heels together, say Givenchy three times and you will be in Paris (or just feel like you are)!

1980s Givenchy logo charm bracelet $495



  1. Hey there! Love your site - and your writing! Very clever and informative. Wondering if you have any info about authenticating these "name" belts. I recently found a Chanel version and am not sure how to go about finding out if it's real or not. Any pointers? Many thanks!

  2. Glad you like the blog! Chanel will authenticate the belt for you but I think it takes awhile. You can check the signature on the piece and another tip is that the piece should feel substantial. It shouldn't feel flimsy. It should be well made. That is always a good start. Good luck and I hope that it is the real thing!



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