Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Miss Drama

Some women are the soft and feminine type.  They are a Grace Kelly in a sweater and cardigan with pearls and a prim Kelly bag.  Some women are more dramatic.  They are an Evita Peron, a Maria Callas, or a Mitza Bricard.  Christian Lacroix would have dressed (and hopefully will again) the woman who is drawn to the more dramatic.  She is not afraid of colour, romance, flounces, lace, prints.  She embraces the past but is not afraid of the future.  She goes boldly into the night in a pouf, or a bustle or a dramatically fringed jacket.

The jacquard fabric is woven with a heart motif.  There are also velvet heart shaped buttons.

There is also a beautiful and extravagantly applied velvet and passementerie heart on the back of the jacket.   How to wear this statement piece?  Keep it simple with a narrow leather skirt or a pair of leather leggings.  A great collectors piece from a wonderful period of Lacroix!

1980s Christian Lacroix fringed jacket.  Size 6.


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