Saturday, March 6, 2010

Princess Lucretia's Journey of Self Discovery: The Dotty Duke and Duchess

One night at the races, Princess Lucretia met a dotty Duke and Duchess.  They both fell madly in love with her and invited her to move in with them.  If the Duke bought the Princess an emerald from Cartier, the Duchess would buy her an even larger emerald.  Their lives were strange and romantic.

The Duke and Duchess decided to throw a ball in the Princess' honor.  The princess wore a John Galliano cream bias cut satin gown with a teal sash.  She looked beautiful but the Duke and Duchess sensed that she was beginning to feel claustrophobic and might be beginning to be bored by their society.  They thought that it might be time for her to try opium...

 I love the beautiful and subtle star detail.

1994 John Galliano Princess Lucretia collection bias cut satin gown with teal sash.  Size 4.


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