Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

And I do mean hello sunshine!  Last weekend I was skiing on real snow in Massachusetts and today I am in ballet slippers and a light coat.  I love these first days when everyone senses that spring is finally almost here and Central Park fills up with happy, relaxed people.  

I thought that the perfect piece to celebrate the sunshine with would be this 1980s Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel pale yellow, flowy, flirty, empire waisted dress with a painterly Chanel logo lightly written all over.

The dress is trimmed in a spray of tiny pink flowers so the feeling is light and sweet. 

I would leave the dress unbuttoned near the bottom and wear it with a pair of great flat sandals.  Would a men's brogue be totally wrong?  I am loving the return to a slightly Annie Hall-ish vibe in fashion.  The longer jacket, the longer skirt, belted or slightly over sized.  A little girlish, a little boyish. 

 1980s Chanel pale yellow silk dress with CC logo buttons and floral trim.


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