Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chanel Haute Couture Black Lace Dress

This dress was worn by one of our favorite actresses, Kyra Sedgwick, to the Critics Choice Awards.  It is beautiful, glamorous and elegant.  It is slightly vampy (black lace always feels slightly dangerous) but is also very sleek.

I know, I know, do we really need another black dress?   The real question is do you have a thick lace strapless Chanel haute couture dress that hugs your curves and is finished off with a wide silk bow and a tiny little fish tail hem...

That you can wear with simple hair and bold jewelry?  Or with a fitted tuxedo jacket and colorful strappy sandals or how amazing would the red Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch Strass high heels be? So you see a little black Chanel couture dress is so basic we all need it!

1980s Chanel haute couture black cotton lace dress.  Size 4.


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