Thursday, April 29, 2010

Security! RARE vintage has an Hermes Alert!

So, you have to take off your shoes before going through airport security and tip toe barefoot over a questionably clean floor.  You have to throw away your water.  You can't carry on eye cream, hand cream or a camomile spritz  from Dr Hauschka for your face.    The airlines charge for head sets, pillows (pillow being a word grossly overused by the airline industry) and  "food".   Do Pringle potato chips really qualify as food?  Alright!   I admit it!  I love the Pringle potato chips!   I also love the Bloody Mary mix with the tiny bottle of vodka.  But still!   I know it sounds like urban legend, but you used to get roast beef on a silver platter in First Class with actual silverware.  

But now silverwear, shoes, bottles of water and eye cream are potential deadly weapons so what is a girl to do?  Mais bien sur!  Hermes to the rescue!

A limited edition Hermes Kelly just to keep the line moving and get through security in style and with a little dignity!

Spring/Summer 1996 Hermes 'Security' Kelly.


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