Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Search is Over: Halston

Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston is debuting this month at the Tribeca Film Festival. There is going to be a conversation after the premiere with Andre Leon Talley, Ralph Rucci, Pat Cleveland and the director, Whitney Smith to speak about the beautiful people and the beautiful designs of Halston.    Sounds like fun doesn't it?  There are few designers who really capture an era in their designs the way Halston did.  Maybe it is because he not only dressed the glittering stars of those days but he also hung out with them.  So, basically he not only made the coolaid, he drank it too!  

Whenever I buy a piece of Halston for RARE from a client they always smile when they remember the piece.   They are good time clothes.  But they are also beautifully crafted.  I think that the technical brilliance of his clothing is sometimes lost in the myth of the man.  The clothes may have appeared effortless and simple - which they certainly were to the wearer - but there was thought and innovation in the construction.  

Purple is one of Halston's typical colors.  He loved different shades of purple from deep to a dusty lilac. 

 The dress has this wonderful draped scarf across the front that ties in the back. 

Late 1970s purple jersey Halston dress.  Size 6


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