Friday, April 18, 2014

Dream Cars: Rita Hayworth's Ghia Cadillac

One of my first cars was a Toyota something or other and every time I opened the door, slightly depressed, I thought: this car does not represent who I am.  Cars, like clothing, express who you are.  And cars, like clothing, can be an expression of both practicality and dreams. 

Since then I have owned a BMW 5 series and probably my favorite car, an Audi S6 station wagon - yes, a station wagon.  But this Audi station wagon was a Beast!  Black on black and with awesome 340 horsepower.  0 to 60 in a few seconds and very satisfying for merging on the LIE. Now, I have a BMW X5 and while I love it because, in world of potholes, it makes driving in Manhattan a little easier and it is a SUV with some attitude.  

But I am always looking, always dreaming about my dream car... sometimes it is the Fiat Gucci 500 but then I am not really sure that that kind of flash is really me either and I have two children, two dogs, one bunny and a husband and a whole lot of stuff I am usually dragging from New York to Long Island and back again.  Thank goodness our fish, Bubble 07, can stay in New York...

I really kind of love muscle cars and to my son's delight I rented a Challenger when I was in Los Angeles recently - but then my son was super annoyed when he realized I passed on a Camaro.  But I loved the Challenger in white and it was really fun driving it around in LA. And the parking valets were always happy to get 'The Stallion' for a girl.  

So about Dream Cars.  Rita Hayworth.  The Bombshell who married the Aga Kahn who bought his wife a white Ghia Cadillac circa 1950s .  The Rita Hayworth Cadillac is now a deep candy-apple red and was restored and exhibited at the LaJolla Concours.  Vintage car chic...  is it me?  Is it you?  I guess like any horse with some horsepower, maybe we need a stable...

Special thanks to my husband who showed me Rita Hayworth's car and most certainly did not approve this post... : )

love, kisses and what dream cars may come, Juliana


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  2. “Cars, like clothing, express who you are. And cars, like clothing, can be an expression of both practicality and dreams.” - I definitely agree! Whatever you’re driving reflects your personality. It can show if you’re fierce, a vintage chic, or someone who just wants a car that works. Hehe! Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to get your dream car in the future. :)

    Sarah Erwin



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