Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best of the Best: Chanel Haute Couture Necklaces

I had an "Ahhhhhhh!" moment when I was shown these Chanel haute couture necklaces because they were so stunning and beautiful.  The chain link is of course a recurring motif in the designs of Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld for the House of Chanel.  In fact, in the recent Saint Tropez show there is a new version of a design similar to this necklace.

(you can probably tell that I really liked this collection)  

But these are not cruise collection, they are runway pieces from a 1996 couture show.  The chain links are actually soft and embroidered with tiny faux pearls, gold thread and tiny sequins.  Two of the necklaces are nearly the same and a third has gold filigree pierced links.  The necklaces hook in the back with flat gold chains and rhinestones.

How perfect would they look with a t shirt (as Cecil Vyse in Room with a View said, the classes should mix because he believed in democracy.  So let's democratize our haute couture!  Chanel couture with Gap cotton!  Actually my favorite t shirts are The Row - so not entirely democratic but that is the freedom of choice.  Choose your cotton and wear it with Chanel haute couture!  or some little divine chiffon number!  Or with nothing at all for someone special in your life!

1996 Chanel haute couture necklace with tiny faux pearls and gold filigree links.  Price available upon request.  Total length: 

1996 Chanel haute couture faux tiny beaded necklace.  Price available upon request.  
Total length:  


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