Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Life Eclectic

Where will your Bon Voyage take you this summer?  Will you be eating lobster in Nantucket, will you be drinking Limoncello in Sardegna, or will you be buying sandals from Les Rondini in St Tropez or maybe hanging out with Jade Jagger in Ibiza or maybe even with Mick in Mustique?  (well, probably not with Mick but wouldn't it be nice?!) What will you wear for trotting the globe or staying close to home?  

Something that no one else has but everyone will desperately want.  A floaty bohemian frock that transports you to your perfect vacation spot with a pair of great flat gold sandals.  

John Bates who designed under the name Jean Varon may be most well known for creating Diana Rigg's character Emma Peel in The Avengers.  Leather catsuit anyone?   Speaking of catsuts, I will be posting very soon what I think is the ultimate catsuit.  Sleek and uber glamorous!

This incredible dress in a synthetic jersey in a vivid ombre in shades of blues, purples, greens and yellow has a fitted bodice and narrow sleeves adorned with an amazing and exaggerated kimono-esque draping at the end of the sleeve.  Perfect for a summer party and the jet setting gypsy girl!

 1970s Jean Varon gown.  Size 4/6. $1,100


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  1. Stunning dress. Has to be worn with poker straight hair, centre parting (no fringe), and smokey eye shadow.

    Helps if your Ali MacGraw too!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of fashion history.



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