Thursday, June 3, 2010

RARE vintage's Multiple Personalities

I don't know about you but one day I could be feeling very floaty bohemian, one day it is all about the glamour, another day it could be Mad Max tribal futurisim or  maybe Mad Men era sultry stylishness.  Really Christina Hendricks body is just amazing to look at.  Maybe it is her voluptuousness that inspired the buxom beauties on the Louis Vuitton runway for fall 2010?  

So yes, I have to admit that RARE vintage has DID: dissociative identity disorder.  Think Sybil but only with better personalities and better clothes!

Today we are channeling the 1980s.  Madonna is singing Like a Virgin on MTV, Back to the Future is the summer blockbuster film and Fiorucci is the trendy store to shop at. 

Maripol who was Madonna's stylist during her Like a Virgin Days is busy photographing Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol and Grace Jones with her polaroid camera.  She is also creating disc dresses for Fiorucci in a variety of colors.  

You can lengthen and shorten the dresses according to your level of patience.   I admit to having no patience.  When I bought the dress it was in two pieces and I quickly assigned my husband the duty of putting it back together.  (One of my personalities can be Big Boss Lady) (but then again, don't men love to tinker??)  

So what to wear to the Boom Boom Room when you are feeling very Madonna dating Jelly Bean Benitez dancing at Funhouse wearing Maripol's iconic black rubber bracelets that were recently recreated for the Marc Jacobs store? (Whew!) A silver disc Maripol for Fiorucci dress of course!  (I would loose the rubber bracelets and just wear a great pair of high strappy sandals.)

Tomorrow our heroine suffering from DID will be channeling 1940s Paris haute couture.  Stay tuned! 
 1980s Maripol Disc dress.  Size 4/6. $950.

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  1. Love that dress. I have fond memories of Fiorucci and my Maripolitan rubber bracelets.



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