Friday, July 9, 2010

J'Adore Dior Couture! Part Two: Cocktails!

I like to think that at RARE vintage we've 'got your back'.  So if you are looking for a gown, we have it. If you need a Chanel bag, we have it.  If you need a great silk blouse, we have it.   

If you are looking for a cocktail dress, not only do we have your back but we will have your backside bedecked in the most ebullient bit of lovely, frothy draping complete with an over sized flower.  

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, we will 'have your back' in Christian Dior haute couture as well!  This dress is sweet and simple in the front - just a little strapless sheath.  

But this is the little strapless sheath with a dream!  It's dream is to look modern but also, in its own small way, make a big statement when you turn around and see a lushly opulent back.  Of course, everything is beautiful and refined.  The draping in the back is stiffened with horsehair so it holds its shape.  

Dream a little dream of me...

Price available upon request

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