Thursday, July 8, 2010

J'Adore Dior Couture! Part One: The Red Carpet

I have SO much to post from my trip to Italy that I was not even sure where to begin.  But as the Paris couture shows started this week with Christian Dior, I thought, voil√°!

Timeless and investment piece are the trendy buzzwords to use when describing fashion right now.  Sometimes they are used accurately and sometimes wildly inaccurate.  A truly timeless piece looks as good now as it did, well, in this case, 1989.  It is a piece that your mother pulled out of your grandmother's closet and wore and now you are taking it from her closet to wear.  It is an investment because it may be expensive but it will look good forever.  

This turquoise blue silk chiffon Christian Dior haute couture gown is truly timeless and a true red carpet dress. 

It is light as air with a gently draped one shoulder that ends in a fluttering panel down the back.

What I love about this gown is that it can be worn different ways: big hair and big jewels for full out glamour or long loose hair with gold and coral jewelry  for a more luxe bohemian look.

circa 1989 Christian Dior haute couture gown

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