Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to Wear at Home

One of my absolute favorite fashion moments in film is Greta Garbo as the ethereal, sensitive and tad dramatic prima ballerina in 'Grand Hotel' wearing the frothiest, lightest negligee. 

Frothy, light negligees with lace made by nuns have gone the way of dressing for dinner and now people go shopping (ye gads!) in their not too attractive striped flannel pajama bottoms.  

I was very excited to find this seashell pink Zandra Rhodes peignoir (robe just sounds too chenille) with kimono sleeves in a quintessential Zandra Rhodes print with lace detail - probably not made by nuns but we can't have everything!  

 This will fit a variety of sizes because the waist cinches with a ribbon.  Be comfy and look fabulous!

 Zandra Rhodes peignoir.  Will fit a variety of sizes.


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