Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Wore it Better? You or Katie Holmes?

Katie Holmes wore this cheery, bright red sequin Fall/Winter 1993 ensemble from Giorgio Armani to the Met Gala Party of the Year for the opening of Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.  She famously wore it with bright blue shoes.  Very Super Heroine!

Now, one of the many things that I like about vintage is that the pieces are usually unique and although they may not be the only one that was ever produced, the chances of someone else wearing the same vintage dress is pretty unlikely.  I will never forget the first year I went to one of the Met's Party of the Year: the theme was Goddess and there were three women wearing exactly the same white Goddess gown from Valentino.  Awkward! 

But wouldn't you love to find Valentino's 1992 black gown with white piping that Julia Roberts wore to the Academy Awards in 2001?   Even if Julia already wore it?  Hell yes!  (Calm down, we don't have that dress!  But we're working on it!)  So, when I saw this red sequin bustier with a full ball gown skirt lined in net by Armani (which is incredibly light and airy by the way) I had little red hearts of love popping over my head.
The question is, will you wear it with bright blue shoes too?  (Two mentions of Katie Holmes in one week on the RARE blog - very mysterious!)

1993 Giorgio Armani red sequin bustier and full ball gown skirt ensemble.  Size 6.

Price available upon request

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