Friday, August 27, 2010

Toujours L' Amour: Yves Saint Laurent

Here is what a big belt (really big!) can do for a LBD:
 Anna dello Russo in Francesco Scognamiglio

Here is how a belt can define the waist:
 Kate Moss in Azzedine Alaia

Here is what a little imagination and a bit of rope can do for your outfit:
 Giovanna Battaglia in ?? some rope?  Doesn't Giovanna always look amazing?

Those are just three examples of why a great belt is a great accessory and can transform an outfit into something very personal.  I love buying belts for RARE because they are the little item that makes a big impact.

Here are four belts from Yves Saint Laurent beautifully crafted - they don't make 'em like this any more!  They are the perfect addition to something you already have.  They are the secret weapon of a stylish wardrobe.  You can wear them at the waist or on the hips and they will fit a variety of sizes!  We love that!  Except for the last belt which is quite small (unless you are small then ) and is meant to be worn at the waist.
Black and blue suede tasseled fringe belt gilt metal Yves Saint Laurent belt
 Red and green suede tasseled fringe gilt metal Yves Saint Laurent belt
Color me happy!  Pink and red Yves Saint Laurent belt

 The mysterious Orientalist belt in green, orange, yellow, red and pink from Grand Mix Color Master YSL.


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