Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crystal Clear Kelly

We actually had this same Hermes clear Kelly bag from 1996  awhile back and it sold very quickly.  It is a wonderful addition for a collector of Hermes or for someone who craves a more whimsical Kelly bag.  Or for someone who is tired of never being able to find something in their bags (really some bags are so big and deep that they should come with flashlights!)  The Kelly is in pristine condition!!  (sorry about the photos - it was a little difficult to photograph.  You can double click the photos to see the bag a little better)

 1996 Hermes Clear Kelly bag with gilt metal turn lock hardware.



  1. i love it so much ! I would like to have one do you know where can I find it?

  2. I already sent an email but haven't gotten a reply back yet so... Is this still available? :)



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