Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Grand Sweep: Gianfranco Ferre

Every girl and woman yearns for a gown with a train.  Maybe it is the feeling of epic grandeur or the feeling of surrendering yourself to something that is the symbol of femininity that beckons us.  Or maybe it is that particular transportive feeling you have when you put on a gown with a train.  Are you Tolstoy's  Kitty or Anna Karenina with your dress sweeping across the room?  (I personally have always fancied Anna Karenina with her slightly unruly curls and her black gowns looking extraordinary and never quite like anyone else)

We are pleased to offer an extraordinary Gianfranco Ferre gazar (LOVE gazar!) gown in black with a vivid fuschia trim.
The fuchsia bow has an almost lightly Japanese obi look on the back of the gown.
The front is sleek and simple.  
 The gown actually wraps sarong-style and is made from triple layers of single pieces of gazar.  Very beautiful.  Very extraordinary.  Very lush.  The very thing to wear when you don't want to look like anyone else.

 Gianfranco Ferre gazar gown.


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