Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Proust Questionaire: Mauricio and Roger Padilha

Your favorite virtue: Our favorite virtue is integrity which Stephen Sprouse had loads of.  He never compromised his integrity, even when that meant doing things that might not have necessarily been good for his career and business.

Your chief characteristic: Mauricio and I are very multi-layered... so I guess our main characteristic is unpredictability.

What you appreciate most in your friends: Loyalty.

Your main fault:  We can be pretty compulsive.  When we want something we never take "NO" for an answer and will go to great lengths to achieve it.  This can get in the way of our personal lives and financial capabilites.

Your favorite occupation: We are lucky enough to be exactly what we always wanted to be.  Self employed in the fashion industry.

Your idea of happiness: Being blinded by flashbulbs.

Your idea of misery: Boredom

Where would you like to live: NYC!

Your heroes in real life: Andy Warhol

Your favorite and food and drink: Vodka and Cigarettes

Your favorite motto: Buckle your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy ride...

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