Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breaking Fashion News: What's New? Vogue.Com!

Summer is officially over but it is still hot so calm down ladies because that fabulous Dries van Noten leopard print fur scarf you just bought and are desperate to wear must stay sadly in your closet - at least for New York Fashion Week.

There is so much to see and do during Fashion Week and because you can't see everything and do everything but don't want to miss anything you have to check in with the new Vogue.Com which looks sleek, fresh and full of amazing content!  

I know I will be checking in every day, maybe every hour...  Excuse me, while I log off RARE right now to go take a look at Candy Pratts Price's new Candygram (Candy is the real Superheroine who can be everywhere and see everything - just checkout the new Candygram on FSO - The Show!)  and the behind scenes of Carey Mulligan wearing couture for the October cover of Vogue.  Oh yes, and Hanneli Mustarpata's street style photos...  I'll be posting some pieces from our Sprouse sale any minute now...  just need to take one quick look at Vogue.Com... be right back..!

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