Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charmingly Unexpected: A Tina Chow and Paul Belvoir Musical 'Charm' Sphere

I have been incredibly fortunate to be in the unique position of having pieces of Tina Chow jewelry for sale at RARE vintage.  We have had the iconic Kyoto bracelet often seen on Tina herself, a large scale beautifully grained wood cuff, the extraordinary Tanabata necklace: twenty two rock crystal pebbles wrapped in bamboo among other pieces and now I am thrilled to have the rare opportunity to again to be able to offer a single owner collection of Tina Chow jewelry.  

I love all of the pieces in this collection but the piece that really stood out to me was this unusual musical sphere.  It was signed Paul Belvoir and Tina Chow.  It made music.  It was like a chime.  It was mysterious.  It was charming.  And I adore to wear things that have sound like dresses which rustle, or high jeweled sandals that clank like spurs (sort of the True Grit of the party shoe world.  Has anyone seen the preview for the Cohen Brothers True Grit?!  Can not wait!  How did I get from Tina to tumbleweeds?!) . 

Paul Belvoir is represented by Gordon Watson in London and creates pieces in sterling silver, rock crystals and other semi precious stones.  He has exhibited with Gordon Watson, Gallery Mougin in Paris, Primavera in New York and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Edinburgh.  His work has been sold in notable auctions at Christies, Sothebys and Phillips in London. 

Paul and Tina had an idea to create jewelry with charm.  The charms would have a sound when the woman moved her wrist, or turned her head or when she walked.  Alas we have only the pendant but it is not really so alasful as I am very happy to have this piece.  They had many ideas for creating future pieces with rock crystals and other semi precious stones but unfortunately Tina passed away before they could explore and create those pieces.

I am very grateful to Paul Belvoir and the Gordon Watson Gallery in London for solving 'The Mystery of Musical Sphere'.

I have included audio of the charming sphere because this piece is to be seen and to be heard.

 Tina Chow and Paul Belvoir musical charm sphere.


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