Friday, October 22, 2010

Long versus Short: The Best of Both

There has been quite a lot of dialogue recently about the long gown versus the short dress for black tie events.  There are some who think that the long gown looks old fashioned and just old.  I think that there are some events for which only a long gown is appropriate.  But there are some parties where long would be out of place.  Really it is not so different then seventy or fifty years ago when a woman would have worn a ball gown, or a cocktail dress or an evening suit depending on the time of day or if she is was going to the theater or a dinner or a ball .  Just now the the cocktail dress is shorter and tighter.  But what if you could have short and long at the same time?!  !  Thank you Saint Laurent for solving the modern girl's dilemma!

This is an exuberantly ruffled pink and blue silk taffeta frock from Yves Saint Laurent circa 1980s when exuberance reigned.   It is short in the front to show off a great pair of legs and a wonderful shoe and long and trailing in the back.  

There are yards of fabric.  So, in this dress you can have your cake (the long) and eat it too (the short)!

 Circa 1980 Yves Saint Laurent haute couture Patron Label gown.  Size 6.


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