Monday, October 11, 2010

The Temple of Tina Chow

The Buddhist Temple in Japan is designed to harmonize with its environment,  it is meant to blend into hills, forests and mountain views.  It is not meant to be so much a place of worship but a place to keep sacred objects.
Maybe this is why Tina Chow was influenced by the architecture of the temple for her 'Temple' rings.  Within these small amulets we wear on our fingers is something intimate and sacred to the one who wears it.

I am fortunate enough to own a deep blue lapis lazuli Tina Chow Temple ring.  You can see how the shape of the temple is reflected in the shape of the ring.   I will have the photograph of my ring tomorrow but on the meantime, here is another Temple ring.

I love this ring and wear it often though I am always a little afraid of knocking off the top of it.  So when I was shown these two "Temple' pendants, I thought ah!  a more secure way of wearing this shape.  We have two - one of which has already sold.  

The rose quartz is still available.  Rose quartz is a gentle and soothing stone.  It is also healing for hearts which have been wounded.  So, I think it is lovely to be able to wear this piece which symbolizes the opening of one's heart to love and forgiveness so close to the heart.

 Rose Quartz Temple Pendant

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