Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do as the First Lady and Wear Vintage Norman Norell

Now, that is a title for a post that I never would have imagined writing before today, but there it is and there she was, Michelle Obama, in vintage Norman Norell in front of the Christmas tree looking beautiful,  young, alluring and indeed like a style icon.   

Norman Norell is as American as apple pie and just as delicious but only infinitely more glamorous.  So why don't you do as the First Lady of the United States this holiday and wear vintage Norman Norell?

This is an iconic crepe Norell cocktail dress.  I like to think of it as the fashion equivalent to the slow dressing movement.  The dress, in two parts, is a top with jeweled buttons which attach the skirt to the dress. There is a zipper so you don't really need to button and unbutton the dress each time but this dress is all about langour.  Take your time, have a cocktail, listen to some great music and sit at a dressing table to put your lipstick on for some fabulous party you are going to.  It may even be at the White House!

     1960s Norman Norell black crepe cocktail dress with jeweled buttons.  Size 4.


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