Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The YSL Syndrome

Yves Saint Laurent was the master of us all.  Season after season, year after year designers turn to Saint Laurent for inspiration.  Girls and women turn to Saint Laurent for inspiration too.  Sometimes we want to channel the masculine sexy look he so famously made his own.  When do we feel sexier then when we are in a fitted tuxedo?  In YSL you own your sexuality.   You become a provocative Charlotte Rampling.  Or you can channel your inner bohemian or your inner exiled Russian peasant princess.  He enabled us to create the wardrobes of our imagination and dreams.  

So I was very excited to find this extraordinary and beautiful haute handcraft crochet sweater with a fur collar for the Hiver 1974 collection.

Dream a little dream...

Hiver 1974 Yves Saint Laurent haute couture sweater with fur collar.  Size 4.  
Pristine Condition (of course!)


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