Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gianni Versace's Crusade

The New York Times said in 1994 that Gianni Versace's metal mesh dresses were "inventive but not garish, the clothes carry echoes of Vionnet and Courreges, blended in a contemporary way".  

Versace's metal mesh dresses drape like chiffon but in metal they turn women into Warriors.  The models Gianni chose were not like today's wan wisp of girls who walk the runways but Super Models.  Sexy, confident and powerful.  They knew they were all that and worth every penny of the $10,000 a day they got out of bed for.  

This black mesh shift dress with metal studs is elegant and festive and is made for a good time: just choose your party!

1980s Gianni Versace metal mesh dress with metal studs.  Will fit a size 4/6/8


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