Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Out with the New, In with the Vintage!

Wishing  a very Happy New Year to all of our RARE vintage blog readers and clients!!

As I lie here in bed...

and look at my plumed finials...

and ponder my carved and gilded cornucopia...

I think, more really is more!  Enough with Phoebe Philo for Celine minimalism!  Let them eat cake from Sweet Lady Jane!  (which is a New Year's resolution:  I will NOT eat the Triple Berry Shortcake every time I come to Los Angeles!  I swear I will not!  Okay, I swear to try... at least every other visit...)

So for the antithesis of minimalism we have the Emperor of Opulence, Gianni Versace!  

How did Gianni take a lacquer colored metal mesh oroton tunic and make it more?  He added an ornate, sparkling vision of the name VERSACE across the front.  Because more really is more.  Excuse me while I go have just one more bite of cake...  

Now if you have legs like Tina Turner or Beyoncé you can wear it just like this:

Otherwise a skinny jean is the way to go.

1980s Gianni Versace metal mesh 'VERSACE" tunic.  Will fit a size 4/6/8

FYI: I am sad to say the Lit a la Polonaise is not mine but is in the Getty museum.  How many more days until next Christmas??  Is it too early to start my list right now... what do you think...


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