Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Color of the Evening: Green

THE color of the evening at the 2011 Golden Globes was green...

I am still seeing green after Angelina Jolie's first green moment...

Really.  Those Lorraine Schwartz are the only earrings one needs to own.  They would go with everything.  Absolutely everything.

Okay!  Back to reality.  After all, Angelina probably did not buy them either.  Which means they may still be available!  But as I said, back to reality... but, they really would go with everything!

This is a wonderful early 1970s Norma Kamali emerald green velvet ensemble.  Norma was still on Madison Avenue when she designed this.  It is uber glamorous and the draped skirt's silhouette is slightly 1910s in feeling.

The cropped top has kimono sleeves and the skirt draped at the hips narrows towards the hem.  There is a slit in the back.

1970s Norma Kamali Velvet Ensemble.  Size 4/6.

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