Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gossip Folks: John Galliano and Christian Dior

John Galliano's alleged anti-Semitic comments during an argument at a Cafe in the Marais became a world wide Twitter phenomenon.  And before you could say "jump to a conclusion", Sidney Toledano, the chief executive of Christian Dior, suspended the designer from Dior.  Now, Galliano has filed a defamation suit against the couple who claim he insulted them and according to an article on The Huffington Post, it seems  there were witnesses who never heard the anti-Semitic remarks at all.  I tend to believe that John Galliano is no Mel Gibson (he may have said something about the woman having "low end boots" but the man makes haute couture so his standards may be a tad high).

I thought we would ignore all of the gossip and post a great early John Galliano for Christian Dior dress.  It is what Galliano does best as a provocateur and conjurer of dreams.  He can steal a moment from time and create a flight of fancy that will have us visiting the Russian circus, a René Gruau illustration, the costumes of Theda Bara to a wicked tango.  And he does it all in a dress.

UPDATED: The gossip turns out to be true.  It is a tragic ending to a brilliant career.

No gossip here folks.  Just a little Gossip Folks from Missy Elliot:


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