Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roman Holiday or Do Like Audrey and Wear Short to the Academy Awards!

My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is Love in the Afternoon.  Well, I love Charade too.  And I confess I love them because I really love the clothes.  The films themselves are both wonderful but the clothes are amazing!  And really isn't that the most important thing☺!

This dress was love in the afternoon for me when I was shown it late in the day recently in Milan.  It belonged to an Italian Countess.  Una Contessa molto chic!  And we love those chic countess' at RARE vintage!

Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for Roman Holiday in 1953.  She was 24 years old and she opted to wear a short ivory dress from Givenchy.  Her dress had thin straps was fitted at the waist and with a full skirt.

Our alta moda dress was made and embroidered by hand in Italy.  It has thin straps embroidered with a gold metal thread, is fifties wasp-waisted and has a circle skirt.

The work on this dress is extraordinary.  It is sad to realize that it would probably be nearly impossible to do this kind of embroidery in Italy now. And the cost!  Mamma Mia!!

Unfortunately, the label has been removed so we do not know who it is by.  We do know that it is something special, with incredibly fine and detailed work and was part of a beautiful collection more of which is coming to the RARE blog this week!

I think this would be a very fresh, very ingenue dress to wear to the Academy Awards.  Unexpected but beautiful, youthful and timeless.  After all, just look at Audrey accepting her Oscar in 1954.  (There is a nice video on You Tube from the 1954 Academy Awards which I was not able to link too but you can search Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Academy Awards.  She looks gorgeous -eyebrows are a little scary but otherwise perfection!)

1950s Italian unlabeled alta moda cream silk cocktail dress with gold thread embroidery.  Size 4.

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