Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Tide is HIGH!

Before Norma Kamali OMO (On My Own) and before the 56th Street store (which is right down the street from RARE vintage.  We have an entrance on 56th and 57th Streets) there was Norma Kamali in a second floor store on Madison Avenue with a sewing machine creating clothes crafted from unexpected materials: parachute silk (with rip cords still intact), sweatshirt material and her famous sleeping-bag coat. 

We women are practical sorts (despite what some boyfriends and husbands may think.  Case in point: I need the Angelina Jolie Lorraine Schwartz emerald $2,500,000 earrings because it is a very practical purchase.  They will go with everything!  You see, I am not being extravagant, I am being practical!)

Women designers tend to be practical as well.  The idea for the sleeping-bag coat came about after Norma was on a camping trip and had to get up in the middle of a chilly night to go to the bathroom.  She threw on her sleeping bag and ran for the bushes and as she was running, she thought, "I need to put some sleeves in this thing."  And after the rest stop, the rest is fashion history.  

So it is 1976, the legs are long, the tan is bronze-y and the tide is high.  And so is the cut on this original Norma Kamali diaper swimsuit!  I should add a photograph of the swimsuit before it is all tied onto our mannequin because it is quite incredible.  Two long panels simply sewn together.  So be glamorous, be original in an original and glamorous Norma Kamali diaper swimsuit!

Norma Kamali Diaper Swimsuit

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