Wednesday, February 23, 2011

V is for enVy

I know one should never be envious but when it is 22 degrees and the snow has hardened into a dull, grey, frozen mass, I feel envious of anyone who is here:

Six Senses Resort and Spa in the Maldives

When I am at RARE vintage and the store is being changed over from winter to spring and there are clothes and accessories everywhere (and I mean everywhere!)  and I have a stack of clothes that need to go to the dry cleaners AND it is 'awards season' so the phone is ringing constantly, my blackberry is  buzzing constantly and I am beginning to wonder just how many people have been invited to the Vanity Fair Oscar party anyway??  I am envious of anyone who is here:

Six Senses - oh yes!  already mentioned that didn't I?!

So, I confess to some feelings of enviousness for the girl who gets this nothing short of extraordinary Fall/Winter 1968 Valentino haute couture black coat covered with stitched V's.  I have a weakness for 1960s Valentino.  Okay, I have a weakness too for Valentino of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s...  I loved RARE vintage's Valentino haute couture moment at the 2008 Academy Awards:

Can anyone say Goddess??!! 
Calista Flockhart in 1970s Valentino haute couture at the 2008 Academy Awards.  
And her date was Harrison Ford...  

The Harrison Ford.  Working Girl, Indiana Jones, Witness, the Fugitive, American Graffiti...

Harrison Ford in Roman Polanaski's Frantic.  Just a naked man and his teddy bear.  
Makes a girl want to snuggle doesn't it?! 

Anyhoo!  How did we go from a rare Valentino haute couture coat to a nearly naked, teddy bear clad Harrison Ford?  How one's mind does wander!  You can put a girl in a Valentino haute couture coat but you can't take her mind off the man.  And by 'the man' I mean, the man, Valentino.  Mr. Valentino.  Mr. Valentino Garavani of Rome, New York, Gstaad, the Chateau de Wideville, Capri and the yacht, T.M. Blue One.  What was I saying about envy?

Mrs. John F Kennedy was an important client of Valentino's in the 1960s and she had a decided preference for his coats.  Valentino's coats were all about: the cut, proportion, shape and quality.  And this coat has all of that plus it is covered in his signature V's.  The coat has the pristine and sharp cut of the 1960s, fitted with high, narrow arm holes.  Simple.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.

The signature Valentino V's of the 1960s:

Collectible.  Wearable.  A dream come true.  1968 Fall/Winter Valentino haute couture black wool coat.


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