Saturday, March 5, 2011

That's Amore: Fashion and Glamour

Women adored Gianni Versace's clothes. They were not somber or deconstructed or elusively intellectual.  They were sexy and joyful and they were also the designs of one of the great creators and personalities of Italian fashion.

This gown in a lavender knit is all lush elegance.

The fit is perfect as there is a built in nude bodysuit.  There are some designers who are creative directors but there are a select few who actually know how to drape a dress and when a designer knows how to cut and sew there is a remarkable difference in the fit.

There is a smattering of deep plum beading on the dress and appliqued flowers have been applied to a tulle neckline.  There also strips of metal mesh around the flowers.

Gianni Versace, where fashion fantasies come to life!


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