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Getting Ready: The Met Gala: Part One: Yoga or my Yoga Teacher is Evil

On Monday night, I will be attending 'The Party of the Year'.  The Met Gala, which is a fund raiser for The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is an incredible opportunity to support an institution which houses and protects one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of costume and textiles in the world.  Yes, it is all fabulous, the shows are amazing - last year the section devoted to Rita Lydig was an immense treat on its own.  But what must be remembered is what the goal of the evening is: to support The Costume Institute.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.  
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. May 4, 2011 - July 31, 2011

Fashion is art and fashion as an art form is an important covenant to what I have always believed as a devoted supporter of fashion and fashion as an art form.  Sometimes we collect, just to collect, sometimes we collect to wear, but we also collect to protect a part of our history.  Fashion is as much a part of our shared history as the houses we live in, the furniture we sit on, the porcelain we use, the paintings and photographs we hang on our walls.  Fashion represents us as an individual and as a society.  Fashion says who we are and who we are not.  Fashion is not frivolous but complicated and transformative: a bit of cloth and thread can become something dreams are made of.  The craft and experience of a dwindling number of artisans is devoted to the creation of something unimagined.

This year the delicate and defiant genius of Alexander McQueen is being celebrated.  Alexander McQueen was a rare talent who in his fashion shows and fashions was able to take us places we had never dreamed of but after seeing his work desperately wanted to go to.

The Met Gala is also the 'Oscars of the East Coast' and the exhilaration and intimidation of walking up the steps of the Museum is also enough to force a mere girl into a frenzy of preparation.  It takes a village.  This is my village.  

Getting Ready: The Met Gala: Part One or My Yoga Teacher is Evil

And it all starts with my yoga teacher Jodi Stuart.  I found Jodi by a happy chance after looking at a Town and Country magazine.  I had had a shoulder accident which physical therapy had not helped.  Jodi helped.  She has made me more aware of my body and she is always trying to make me even more aware of it.  She makes me do strange breathing things which drives my dogs crazy.  (But I admit makes me feel better.  A little.  Panting?  I mean really.  No matter what she calls it.  Pranha-something or other.  It's still panting like a pooch)   She make me twist and stretch and detox.  She loves twisting and detoxing the kidney because I do like a glass of wine or two... I didn't know you could ring out the kidney but that's Jodi.  She thinks of everything!)  

So I made the mistake of mentioning the gala and that I needed to do a little extra toning.  BIG MISTAKE!  This is where The Evil Yoga Teacher part begins...  I can barely type this... I am so exhausted!  She's evil!  (But I feel fabulous!  Stronger, more toned, more flexible, more peaceful - and that is my favorite thing about yoga.  It really does make you feel good and more at peace.  Just don't tell Jodi any of this!  Might make her feel very smug!)

Here are Jodi's tips for getting ready in a week:

Jodi Stuart:

When Juliana told me she wanted to get in shape for the ball next Monday night, I asked her what she was to wearing: a gorgeous vintage Alaia gown..... Sleeveless!!!

Here is the yoga plan for the week:

Arms- Strengthen the arms so they have a nice natural form (this means hours spent in down dog and plank...ugh...)

Legs- (Even though they will be covered) Need to be energized for dancing. Strong vinyasa class with non-stop movement.  (Ugh!  I am panting already and we have not even started the Pranayama...)

Core- From plank variations to crunches.... stomach in chest out. Chin up and keep your eyes on the ceiling.  (How many crunches was that??  I lost count at a thousand...)

Posture- Lengthening the spine from grounding down to lift up... balancing poses.

Breath- Pranayama  practices for smooth breathing  opening the heart, to reveal the beauty inside.  (Woof!)

This is a win win combination for Juliana to shine and gracefully enjoy the Costume Ball.

Jodi Stuart can be contacted at  And she really is amazing.  Especially if you have had an injury, are dealing with a lot of stress or getting ready for tennis or bikini season.  I'm more the bikini and margarita type myself...

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