Monday, April 11, 2011

Say No to the Big Schlep: Bottega Veneta

The title of this post could also be:  you can do it!  You do not need to take everything you own with you all of the time.  No, you do not need that kitchen sink just bring a little bottle of hand sanitizer.  I mean really - if men can carry just a wallet (what are they thinking??  Where is all their stuff?  That is taking it too far. Imagine!  Just a wallet. Pfff!)  That is why we women are the stronger sex: it is because we carry incredibly heavy bags and totes and all sorts of things.  I can just imagine what would happen if a woman swapped her bag for a man's wallet: the man would be crying, Mercy! in a mere matter of moments.

But there are times ladies when it is nice to lighten our load and this buttery soft little distinctive woven leather Bottega Veneta bag is perfect.  The color is a deep chocolate and the adjustable strap can be worn doubled or its full length.  There is an interior zipper pocket.   Lovely and light!! 

Bottega Veneta woven leather chocolate bag.  
6 3/4" wide, height is nearly 5" and 2 1/2" at its widest.


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