Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tina Chow Meditation Rock Crystal Necklace

I confess to being a complete failure when it comes to meditation.  Faster then you can start to say "Omm..."  I am sound asleep.  So I get more of a "Zzzzz" then an "Ommm".  But, Jodi, my yoga teacher is threatening to teach me meditation anyway (yawn).

Despite my failures at meditation, I love the idea of Tina Chow's meditation necklace.  A beautiful and sensuously shaped rock crystal necklace that when unhooked is intended to cover all seven major chakras.  So it is not only beautiful to look at, wonderful to feel on the body, it also has healing qualities.  And don't we all love a necklace that can multi-task.  And offer style with substance.

We are thrilled to be able to offer another extremely rare piece of Tina Chow jewelry. 

The smooth rock crystal pebbles feel wonderful and are almost like holding worry beads.  There is something very relaxing, soothing and reassuring holding the pebbles.  The necklace is extremely long and can be wrapped twice around the neck with the tail hanging in the front or if you are wearing an open back top, can be worn in the back which looks really beautiful.

The tail of the necklace has a prism shaped pendant.  The rock crystal has been left in its natural state on this piece.

The rock crystal pebbles are extremely sparkly.

Tina Chow Rock Crystal and Sterling Silver Meditation Necklace


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