Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easy Summer Chic: Leonard

Leonard was founded in 1958 by Daniel Tribouillard.  The first slogan for the house of Leonard was "150 grammes of happiness' for the lightness of the dresses and its exuberant prints.  (and don't you love happy clothes.  Things that put you in a good mood just by putting them on!)  Some pieces which may have as many thirty colors, need to to be passed thirty separate times through the printing press.  The results are artisanal with  rich, lush hues.  I have always found Leonard to be a bit more exotic then Emilio Pucci's vintage prints.   Of course, I love them both...

Here are two easy summer tops from Leonard (that won't break your piggy bank ; )

The first is a cotton, dolman sleeved top in shades of black, lime, pinks, blue and red.  

1980s cotton Leonard top with dolman sleeves.. Size 6/8

Our second Leonard top is a black jersey button down with an absolutely beautiful print (how cool would this look with a pair of black shorts for cocktails?!) :

1970s Leonard button down top.  Size 4/6


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