Friday, June 24, 2011

An American in Paris: Galanos

Great Galanos!  I cried when I saw this beyond beautiful cream cotton lace dress.  It is so simple yet crafted so brilliantly by a studio of artisans put together by Mr. Galanos in Los Angeles.  Mr. Galanos is as close to couture as ready to wear can come.  His fabrics were sourced in France - and often the same were used in the Paris couture collections.  But the works was all done in California.  This dress, a sheath shape is actually tiers of lace, but very flat (not flouncy) and the hem is cut around the lace.  Really beautiful.

As perfect as this dress is for sunset cocktails with a high strappy heel and a summer glow, or a romantic dinner, it would also make a modern and sleek wedding dress for a bride not looking for the great big princess gown.

Cream lace Galanos dress.  Size 4 /small 6


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