Friday, June 24, 2011

Paris: A RARE vintage Travel Diary

I am in Paris and I thought besides posting some amazing vintage pieces, I would write about a few things I see, do and maybe eat in Paris. I have not twittered about food yet, but in Paris it may be hard to resist...

And what could be more French, more perfect to start the RV travel diary with then...

Coca Cola Light. But not any Coke Light. Karl Lagerfeld Coke Light. Mais bien sur! And so tasty too. (Actually, I have not tried it yet but I love the bottle!)

When I travel, there is nothing I find more depressing then going to all of the same stores that we have in New York. I will go to Celine though. I can't help myself! And besides Celine has not yet opened in New York. Yesterday's shopping destination was, besides Bonpoint (Soldes!) for the children (and the playground at Jardin du Luxembourg - have to make everyone happy!) was Deyrolle. Deyrolle is an incredible store full of taxidermy. Yes, my RV friends, taxidermy. And why you might ask? Because I have been obsessed with getting a flamingo since I saw one in the apartment of Vanessa Traina on the wonderful and highly addictive blog, Into the Gloss.

Here is my flamingo. So beautiful.

46 Rue du Bac

Have to run but something beautiful and vintage is coming later...

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