Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Distraction: Galanos in Black and White

During my yoga practice this morning, my mind was wandering to my chipped manicure, a pair of Chloe sandals I saw at Bergdorf's on sale and writing this post.  A definite lack of concentration I know.  When my yoga teacher, Jodi, gets really desperate to hold my attention, she uses clothing as a metaphor.  So she said that there are some dresses that do not need any distractions, and that is just what yoga is: you and your practice.  No distractions.  Which immediately got me thinking about this amazing Galanos dress in black and white - it does not need any distractions.  It defines modern glamour.  The dress is in a heavy ivory crepe with a draped front and a black column skirt.

It does not need a lot of jewelry.  Just simple hair.  Maybe a low chignon because the focus is the beautifully draped and open back.   You can see why I think the hair should be up because the back is so seductive.  But elegant at the same time.

Galanos did ready to wear but really in a couture way.  Everything is perfection.  Fabrics are sourced in Europe at the same suppliers to the couture houses.  The details are the work of a perfectionist.  The black detail is perfection on the draped top.  I was so excited when I found this gown because it is so unique.  And I think that is what we crave in vintage.  We want something that no one else will have.

Galanos black and white backless gown.  Size 6/8.

Back to yoga.   What is that Jodi is saying?  Series Surya Namaskara... now about those Chloe shoes...  


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