Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Fine and Beautiful Fortuny-Style Patricia Lester

"I should love to see Venice." "You may before long be able to gaze at the marvelous stuffs which they used to wear. One use to be able to see them only in the works of the Venetian painters. But I hear that a Venetian artist, called Fortuny, has rediscovered the secret of the craft, and in a few years time women will be able to wear brocades as sumptuous as those that Venice adorned her patrician daughter with."
Marcel Proust In Search of Time Lost, 1919

What immediately struck me about this Patricia Lester gown when I was shown it, is the amazing color and how the color is used. It is timeless and very modern at the same time. The hand pleated silk ranges in color from a mocha to a deep brown. A row of tiny beads adorns the neckline. The dress buttons on the side by beautiful thin loops of silk.

1980s Patricia Lester hand pleated silk gown.  Size 4/6.

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