Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Icon: An Amazing and Rare Tina Chow Rock Crystal Cuff

Carved from a single piece of rock crystal is this extraordinary Tina Chow cuff.  The words extraordinary and quiet come to mind when describing Tina Chow's jewelry.  The words: perfection, healing, fine and rare also come to mind.  Tina Chow was photographed wearing a similar cuff with her Kyoto bracelet.

It is not for the faint of heart jeweler to attempt to carve a cuff from a single large piece of rock crystal so I think the words audacious and undaunted also describe Tina Chow's work as a jeweler.  But then the words delicacy and tenderness come to mind as well.  Tina Chow's jewelry was collected by men and women who loved her work when it was originally crafted by Tina and a talented group of artisans and by new clients who also love and covet her designs.  Thank you Tina.  Your talent and legacy endures.

A rare and beautiful Tina Chow rock crystal cuff.  The cuff has a wonderful large Tina Chow signature.  Please note there is an extremely small chip on one corner of the cuff which does not at all distract from the beauty and wearability of the piece.  The cuff measures nearly 7 1/2" around.  Opening is 1".  Cuff is 1 3/4" wide.



  1. She was a wild, wondrous and bold little bird.
    Cheers!... to Tina Chow.

  2. i gasped when i saw it. what an incredible piece. thank you so much for sharing it with us!



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