Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All That Glitters Is Not Necessarily Gold

And I say hallelujah to that because the price of gold has just hit a record high.  But here at RARE vintage we are just simple girls with couture dreams and champagne tastes but with an eye for sound investments and a good return on our money.  We also know that when someone says, "There is gold in them thar hills!"  that gold, if it is there, is going to cost you a pretty penny.  

But we also know that all that glitters is not necessarily gold and that costume can sometimes be even more fabulous and fun then the real thing.  As a client of ours said to me in Hong Kong, "You know it is not so convienent to go around wearing two million dollars worth of jewelry anymore".  Girl, it sure isn't.

So what do you do?  You don't want to bedeck yourself in $2,000,000 in jewelry for a cocktail party tonight but you don't want to go unadorned either.  RARE vintage to the rescue!  It's fabulous, it's fake and it's by anonymous.  It's glamorous but with a edge.  Interspersed throughout the gold beads are 'nails' with rhinestone heads.  So look beautiful!  Have fun!  And don't break open your piggy bank for a necklace that will amaze your friends  (& make them envious!).  And that is golden.

Circa 1980s gold and glamourous beaded necklace


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  1. ...and I agree (especially at the last paragraph)! When "accessorizing" I go by what CoCo Chanel says, "...take off the first thing you put on." This way, I know I have on just enough :)

    These two pieces are have just enough "shine" to be noticed without being "noticed." I adore.

    I posted some vintage pieces of my own:


    P.S. I would LOVE to do business! Your boutique is quite lovely.



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