Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Reading 14: In My Secret Garden There is a Rabbit Wearing a Ruff and a Dinosaur Spouting Water

Weekend reading for you from RARE vintage.  Read on...

In my head there are many rooms.

Tete-Maison, 1973

Within those rooms there is a meadow dotted with sheep

Moutons on the grounds of the Chateau de Chenonceau, 1991

A crocodile is coiled around a gilded chair

Fauteuil-Crocodile, 1987

There is a bathroom with a giant bee to pee in

La Mouche 1966

There is a baboon with a fire in its belly

Babouin, 1973

There is a door which has sprouted snakes

Snake door handle, 1993

There are elephants standing sentry at a fireplace

Eléphant-chenets, 2000

There is an apple which tells the time

Pomme-Montre, 1995

There is a rabbit in the garden wearing a ruff

Lapin Debout a Collerette, 2006

And there is a bed in the shape of a large white bird

Cocodoll, 1966

This is the head of Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne and it is my secret garden.

Claude and Xavier-Francois in their studio, 1965

"The supreme art is the art of living." Francois-Xavier Lalanne

Dimetrodon, 1998

All images from Lalanne(s)

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