Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look at That Girl Shakin' That Thing!

Do you love a good shimmy in your dress as much as I do?  I love fringe, well, as much as Taylor Swift loves fringe.  

That is a great photo of Taylor Swift in a fringed Oleg Cassini dress she bought from RARE vintage.   

Here is another amazing fringed dress from RARE vintage, only this time it is a gown in a pale sea foam green and instead of the 1980s it is from the 1960s.  So this time when we see a girl shaking that thing, will it be you?  Or me?  I have yet to try it on and give it a good shake...

(so sorry these photos came out terrible.)

1960s seafoam green fringed dress.  Anonymous.  Size 4/6.


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