Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fashion, Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Love Me, When I'm 64?

And the answer is, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

My new Style Icon is Costanza Pascolato.  She is 72 years old.  She wears a leather Miu-Miu Spring 2011 rockabilly-style jacket.  She wears Valentino's studded leather kitten heels.  Her hair is done.  She wears fabulous big black sunglasses.  She does Pilates every day.  She is fashionable.  She is age appropriate.  She is interesting.  She embraces new fashion.  But she knows who she is.  She has worn Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent.  She adores Miuccia Prada's irreverent luxury and kitsch sense of style.

I want to send her a Valentine,
birthday greetings,
a bottle of wine...

The Beatles - When I'm Sixty Four


  1. I know you've been saying I am not TOO OLD for this or that LOOK, and now you have shown me what I can aspire to. Miu Miu...still waiting for my sunnies on back order with glitter so I am working on my future Visage as well.

    Of course, being Soul Sisters I will do the same for you!


  2. Ha! I have been waiting for those sunnies too BUT I saw them in ALL colors at Bergdorf's yesterday so I am going to see if I can cancel my order at Miu Miu and buy them now because it is a dark and stormy day in New York and I desperately need a little sparkle in my sunglasses!!

    And honey, you are never too old! It is knowing what works for you.

    Rock the sparkle sunnies! I know you will!!

  3. I think it is that purely classic hairstyle that keeps everything looking age perfect and chic. pgt



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