Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr. Beene Has a Moment Via Stella McCartney

So let me just show you how influential Mr. Beene still is:

Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2011.  Unless you have been hiding out in the wilderness without any access to the Internet you will certainly have seen Stella McCartneys illusion dress on:

Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler and even Jane Fonda.  Then there was Doutzen Kroes (inexplicably with her ginormous Granny panties underneath)

Whoa!  How old is Jane Fonda??!!

Almost forgot Doutzen with her super Spanx on (WTF?!  I am certain she needs nothing on underneath this):

And if you are in that cabin without internet then you also missed Kate Winslet (again), La La Vasquez Anthony,  Gloria Estefan (okay let me just say if you missed Goria Estefan in the dress be grateful.  Very, very grateful.  Hello?!  Wooden mirrors in house of Estefan?!), Liv Tyler and Penelope Cruz in Stella McCartney's hourglass sheath:

Kate Winslet is rocking the sheath and looking gorgeous!!  And good Lord, Gloria Estefan - if you don't have a strong stomach, avert your eyes:

I don't want to be mean but, what was she thinking??

But if you don't live in a cabin in the woods and you follow fashion and fashion's history, you will know, you will remember the fabulous Mr. Beene.  Mr. Beene who could cut a dress like no one else.  Mr. Beene who dressed a woman who was talented, creative, smart and sexy.  His lines were sculptural and even made one fashion journalist compare them to Brancusi's Bird in Space.

The Original:

In 1991, Geoffrey Beene showed a languidly beautiful evening coat in oxblood red and black stripe, kimono sleeves and a spectacular carved out sheer guipere lace back reembroidered with red and gold thread.  The dress he showed underneath was very short.

If you need something grand and regal and something that will have everyone's eyes on you, then this is the piece you were looking for.

1991 Geoffrey Beene evening coat with sheer guipere lace back.


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