Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indian Summer

Merde.  Paris Fashion Week had an unseasonal bout of super hot weather and everyone who had packed their brand spanking new fall clothes, had nothing to wear!  But looking at the photos from Tommy Ton and Philo Oh, I think the stories of having nothing to wear are maybe a little exaggerated - but of course, I know the feeling well even though any such statements from me guarantee a roll of the eyes from my husband.  The funniest thing was when our daughter was getting dressed recently to go out, she actually said she had nothing to wear!  She is 8!  I swear she did not hear it from me:)

So what do you wear when Indian Summer hits PFW?  Color and lots of it:

You also wear Native American inspired pieces:

This heavy silver necklace is very Millicent Rogers in Taos don't you think?

Photos from Tommy Ton and Phil Oh

So you might consider wearing this incredible beaded kilt from Jean Paul Gaultier.  A very international mix: Native American, Scottish and a Frenchman.  Designed by Gaultier during his strongest years, the mid 1990s, it is a runway piece beautifully done with lots of movement from the beaded fringe.

Mid 1990s Jean Paul Gaultier beaded kilt.  The kilt wraps so will fit a variety of sizes 4 through 8

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