Monday, October 3, 2011

The United Nations of Vintage

UN Week has mercifully ended in New York - and if you have ever had the misfortune of being in New York when the General Assembly meets, you will know exactly what I mean: lots of traffic and lots of road rage; not a pretty picture nor a very quiet one!

But I am feeling very United Nations of vintage fashion this week at RARE vintage.  We've got New York, London, Milan and Paris covered.  I think I will start in New York...

I am in LA to see a big collection of Chanel as well as a bit of R & R with my children so it seems appropriate to start RARE vintage's UN Fashion Week with a great American designer who showed in New York but designed in Los Angeles: James Galanos.  I am so happy to see a new generation of  women discovering Galanos.  I don't love all of Galanos - some of it can be a little dowdy but when he is good, he is very, very good.  

I think this beautiful black and brown Galanos gown is as good as it gets.  The fabric and the workmanship is superb and very couture.  AND the gown is sexy & fun & unique.  It has a slightly 1940s, madcap Carmen Miranda minus the fruit vibe.  I am sure that you have noticed there has been a lot of fruit on the runways recently and on of course on Anna dello Russo's head.

The front plunges seductively low and the waist is cinched with a black silk bow.

Galanos Gown in Black and Brown.  Size 4/6

Why don't you wear it with... okay so speaking of Anna dello Russo and her very whimsical head gear, I have fallen madly in love with a, new to me, English hat designer,  Victoria Grant.  I actually think this little chapeau would look amazing with black tuxedo pants, a slinky white top and a white tuxedo jacket or our Galanos gown.  Or for lunch at Shutters on the Beach.  So?!  I'm from New York!

Victoria Grant Midnight Kiss Hat.  Available at Colette.


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