Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I know the posting has slowed to a trickle on our RARE vintage blog but I have been super busy acquiring new pieces for RARE vintage basically non stop (which I will start sharing with you tomorrow) and I have started a new workout regime.  Okay, so let's explore the word 'regime'.   I've started a new 'workout regime' which means I am kind of following a plan of action - otherwise known as an authoritarian mode of rule or government.  Sounds kind of frightening doesn't it??  But much to my surprise I am loving my new regime.  I started spinning at Soul Cycle.  The music is awesome, the room is dark so you don't have to worry how you look or that  if you pass out, hopefully, no one will notice.  I saw a very famous actor there much to my horror - but thankfully the room is dark so above mentioned cute actor won't see the sweat dripping off my nose or if I do in fact pass out.  The music is loud enough that I am pretty sure no one will hear the thud when I fall off the bike (of course, I have not yet mastered exactly how to take the spinning shoes out of the pedals which you are LOCKED into - so if I do in fact pass out and fall off the bike my feet will, pathetically, be stuck to the pedals).  

But you know what, even though I have sweated more then I ever have in MY ENTIRE LIFE and I have done things that I had no idea you could possibly do on a stationary bike, I feel great!  I feel amazing!  I feel like I must be burning at least 1,000,000 calories (minimum) each class that I take.  

This is exactly what I feel like after 45 minutes at Soul Cycle:

Just a happy puddle of water.  Though I still have not figured out how to get my spinning shoes out of the pedals, hopefully above mentioned famous actor won't notice my struggle and that I have to leave the cycling shoes behind in the peddles which is really embarrassing.

UPDATE: I managed to get one shoe free today! 

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